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By Coventry Stox, Aug 3 2017 08:48AM

The booking list now contains 30 BriSCA F1 drivers ready and raring to make their way to Owlerton Stadium, Sheffield on Sunday for an afternoon of pure BriSCA action alongside the mighty F2s.

Line up as at Thursday 3rd August 9.30am

1 1 Frankie Wainman

2 16 Mat Newson

3 34 Mal Brown

4 45 Nigel Harrhy

5 55 Craig Finnikin

6 94 John Dowson

7 127 Austin Moore

8 137 Sam Jacklin

9 166 Bobby Griffin

10 169 Billy Johnson

11 175 Karl Hawkins

12 192 Luke Dennis

13 212 Danny Wainman

14 215 Geoff Nickolls

15 217 Lee Fairhurst

16 220 William Hunter

17 238 Richard Bryan

18 249 Jonathan Gibson

19 280 Colin Nairn

20 293 Eliot Smith

21 338 Chris Brocksopp

22 364 Robert Plant

23 390 Stuart Smith

24 415 Russell Cooper

25 422 Ben Riley

26 445 Nigel Green

27 446 Joe Booth

28 463 James Morris

29 483 Wayne Marshall

30 555 Frankie Wainman Jnr Jnr

By Coventry Stox, Aug 2 2017 01:01PM

August has arrived and both BriSCA F1s and F2s are ready to return to Owlerton Stadium, Sheffield this Sunday. There are currently 28 F1s and 41 F2s on the line up (booking lists will be updated througout the week).

The first race for the BriSCA F1s will be a Whites & Yellows heat. All points scored from each Whites and Yellows race at CoventryStox promoted events will be compiled to form a Whites and Yellows Championship grid which will take place at Stoke on the 4th November where there will be £1,000 up for grabs.

Start Time 12.30p.m.

Restaurant Bookings can be made direct by calling 0114 234 3074

BriSCA F1 Booking List

1 Frankie Wainman

16 Mat Newson

34 Mal Brown

45 Nigel Harrhy

55 Craig Finnikin

94 John Dowson

127 Austin Moore

137 Sam Jacklin

166 Bobby Griffin

169 Billy Johnson

175 Karl Hawkins

192 Luke Dennis

212 Danny Wainman

215 Geoff Nickolls

217 Lee Fairhurst

220 William Hunter

238 Richard Bryan

280 Colin Nairn

293 Eliot Smith

338 Chris Brocksopp

364 Robert Plant

390 Stuart Smith

415 Russell Cooper

422 Ben Riley

446 Joe Booth

463 James Morris

483 Wayne Marshall

555 Frankie Wainman Jnr Jnr

BriSCA F2 Booking List

7 Gordon Moodie

12 Daniel Ford

13 Andy Ford

26 Gary Ford

38 Dave Polley

44 Ben Howard

73 Dale Bennett

108 John Riley

142 Jonathan Hadfield

226 Billy Webster

235 Bradley Blyth

249 Billy Robinson

282 Ant Riley

298 Jake Walker

318 Leighton O'Reilly

338 Warren Brocksopp

369 Mick Ford

377 Daz Shaw

381 Josh Caine

416 Chris Yeats

441 Mickey Branston

449 Mark Dorril

524 Michael Wallbank

578 Mark Gibbs

606 Andrew Palmer

614 Daniel Oxford

615 Josh Coleman

669 John Hindley

706 Brent Russell

724 Tom Pell

728 Carl Pilkington

735 Mick Haworth

788 Stephen Mallinson

823 Sam Wagner

856 Paul Webb

894 Tom Bradley

905 Rob Mitchell

941 Jamie Lane

962 Graham East

977 Dave Massey

995 Michael Lund

By Coventry Stox, Aug 1 2017 07:47PM

Why not buy tickets in advance to avoid queues for the BriSCA F1 and BriSCA F2 meeting this Sunday at Owlerton Stadium, Sheffield? Simply click here for more details

If you would like to watch all the action from the best seats in the house then Owlerton have the fantastic Panorama Restaurant where you can feast on a carvery whilst enjoying the afternoons racing. It is advisable to book in advance by calling 0114 234 3074

By Coventry Stox, Jul 31 2017 11:14AM

Sheffield ' Owlerton Stadium'

Penistone Road,


Sheffield S6 2DE

Sunday 6th August from

BriSCA F1 Stock Car Racing & BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

It's Holiday time and Owlerton Stadium, Sheffield gets ready to rumble with an afternoon of high octane action featuring the Gladiators of the Short Oval, the awesome 600bhp BriSCA Formula One Stock Cars - Big Cars - Huge Horsepower - Big Bumpers - Full contact action on probably Europe's fastest and tightest shaleway!

The D shaped configuration of the Owlerton track, home of the Sheffield Tigers Speedway team. makes it one of the most daunting and spectacular with flat out speed combined with tight bends that quite literally is no where to run no where to hide!

Supporting the BriSCA F1's are Europe's biggest stock car class, the BriSCA F2 Stock Cars who never cease in providing action out of the top drawer at Sheffield and for some it will be a last gasp opportunity to bag some points being the last chance to gain points for the World of Shale Championship.

The stadium offers amongst the finest facilities in UK short circuit entertainment, you can upgrade your afternoon to enjoy a delicious carvery in the luxurious air conditioned Raceview Restaurant where you can dine and spend the afternoon with some exclusivity and your own private bar - FOR RESTAURANT RESERVATIONS contact the stadium direct on 01142 343074.

Whatever the weather, the stadium has fully covered terracing which provides for huge atmosphere as it amplifies the sheer horsepower of these mighty machines as they thunder round, often 3 abreast as they come of the turns - sideways! There is a seated and huge Raceview bar together with a wide variety of fast food to complete your family afternoon out.

Bring your camera phones to capture the experience of your day and the opportunity to get up close with the drivers and cars.

The event starts with a Grand Parade of competitors where you can see all the cars on track followed by non stop action with the whole show expected to wrap up by

The stadium has full disabled access and facilities

Adults £18

Concession £16

Child 12 - 15 £7

Accompanied Children under 12 Free

Click here to purchase advance tickets

Event magazine programme £2

Pit Gate opens

Spectator admissions from

Programme of events [ subject to amendment ] Grand Parade BriSCA F1 White & Yellow Race - subject to cars BriSCA F2 Heat 1 BriSCA F1 Heat 1 BriSCA F2 Heat 2 BriSCA F1 Heat 2 BriSCA F2 Heat 3 / Consolation BriSCA F1 Heat 3 BriSCA F2 Grand Final BriSCA F1 Grand Final BriSCA F2 Grand National BriSCA F1 Grand National

By Coventry Stox, May 11 2017 10:25AM

Earlier this year, Coventry Racing Club was accused of criminal damage and theft following the removal of fixtures and fittings from Coventry Stadium.

The accusations were made by Howell and Company, solicitors acting for Brandon Estates and when they reported it to the police, they claimed the stadium was a 'crime scene'. They claimed the subsequent police investigation would take the rest of this year to investigate and that as the stadium was a 'crime scene', there was no prospect of either speedway or stock car racing being staged at the stadium this year.

The accusations resulted in immense damage to my family’s reputation. In the period since the accusations were made, I have endured enormous criticism from fans of both sports, and knowing the accusations would not be proven, I have maintained a dignified silence.

Earlier this week, I was contacted by the investigating force, Warwickshire Police, who advised me the case was being dropped and there was 'no case to answer'.

I and my team have been vindicated of any crime.

I went to extraordinary lengths to strike a deal which would have resulted in both speedway and stock cars continuing at Brandon in 2017 and beyond and despite agreeing a deal on three separate occasions, on each of those occasions, the other party involved failed to sign a contract.

I was left with no alternative but to remove the fixtures and fittings before we were required to vacate the stadium at the end of our period of lease. Having removed those fixtures and fittings, I still offered to return them and reinstall them, at my own cost, if an agreement could be reached. The offer was rejected and Brandon Estates chose instead, to go down the route of calling in the police. I am desperately disappointed, that despite my best efforts, we are in this situation with speedway and stock car fans deprived of enjoying their sports.

The anger and distress this has caused to myself and my family makes me want to take action against the false allegations but it is not good for Speedway or Stox to prolong this dispute. For the sake of speedway and stox I have decided to sit back at this time to see if solutions can be found to get both sports back on track.

I want to see a return of racing at Brandon Stadium for a period of time, whilst Brandon Estates pursue their planning application. I am prepared to work with them in bringing that about whilst simultaneously working with both Rugby and Coventry Councils to find suitable land and gain their support for a planning application that would result in a longer term replacement stadium.

I am committed to bringing both sports back to the Coventry / Rugby area and urge all parties involved to work together to achieve that goal.

Avtar Sandhu